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How Interactive Direct Mail Increased Engagement by 30%

[fa icon="calendar"] May 18, 2015 10:10:00 PM / by Bruce Boyarsky

In the current age of online marketing, print materials need to step up in design and function to compete.

One way to do this is to design a direct mail piece that is interactive, multi-dimensional, or just plain interesting. In a recent mailing we produced , one piece was tested that was diecut vs a piece that was straight cut.

The piece that was diecut yielded 30% more donations for the non profit organization. The next mailing they did yielded the same result. For a small increase in the cost of a direct mail piece, one can potentially return dividends in the open rate and revenues from a mailing.

A few years ago a customer called and asked if we could tip a toothpick onto a carrier. At first I thought the customer was joking with me. It soon became apparent that he was not. So, I did some testing and we were able to tip the toothpick to a carrier, fold, and fugitive glue it closed for mailing. We produced 350,000 pieces on that mailing that was for a national steak restaurant chain.

When you look through the mail when you get home, odds are that you will open the interesting mailer with the toothpick vs the standard envelope.

Here are some examples of pieces that we have recently done:

1. Rewards card to a mail carrier for national restaurant chain

2. Refrigerator magnet for a local appliance repair company
Interactive Print Material - Tipping with Refridgerator Magnet

3. Discount card for a major retailer for their loyal customers for periodic sales

Interactive Print Material - Tipping with Rewards Card


4. Sweepstakes card for a retailer to get customers to come in to their store to register for the contest


Let us know the most interesting print materials you've received or used! @OSBookbinding


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Bruce Boyarsky

Written by Bruce Boyarsky

President and Founder of Ocean State Bookbinding

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