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5 Reasons You Should Try Minifolding

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 28, 2015 8:12:06 AM / by Bruce Boyarsky


The demand for miniature folding has grown significantly over the last 5 years. Last year, we produced over 40 million pieces. Minifolding has become a popular and effective product for several reasons:

  1. There is a large amount of information that can be printed in a very small amount of space.
    • Fit countless words in a small space to be more effecient.

  2. They are less expensive to print.
    • Saving money on certain elements of your product can pay off in large quantity jobs. 

  3. They are easy to carry and transport.
    • These user friendly pieces can fit into a pocket, wallet, purse, or anywhere!

  4. They fit conveniently into or onto different products, allowing for versatility in your branding locations.
    • So you need to fit a coupon in a small razor package? No problem! With minifolding you can get the size you want for the packaging you have. 

  5. They are a unique, interesting, and attractive print format.
    • Minifolding allows for a great deal of creativity when it comes to pairing with tipping, creating funmaps and pop-outs, and designing new pieces. 

Minifolding is used in a variety of industries. They types of companies who have utilized Ocean State's minifolding capabilities are:

  • Pharmaceutical companies print drug interactions and warnings
  • Food product companies use minifolding to print ingredients, coupon offers, and recipes
  • Retailers use them to showcase other product offerings and coupons to drive consumers to other products in a particular product family
  • Educational institutions use this type of folding along with tipping to give incoming students information and maps of the campus/area for orientation
  • Corporations use miniature folding for company retreats to list the schedule of events for employees to carry with them throughout the retreat or conference, featuring information on local attractions, schedules, and maps
  • Manufacturers use these pieces for instruction sheets to be used when assembling, operating, or troubleshooting the product


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Bruce Boyarsky

Written by Bruce Boyarsky

President and Founder of Ocean State Bookbinding

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