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3 Ways To Use Commercial Die Cutting

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 10, 2015 8:53:00 AM / by Bruce Boyarsky

Using custom commercial die cutting may seem like something that only "creatives" can figure out, but with these simple inspiration ideas, you can transform your printing projects into pieces that will make a lasting impression!


At Ocean State, we have seen creative projects in die cutting like tree shaped folders for a company in the lumber industry, key shaped pamphlets, and universities using die cutting to enhance the organization of their materials.

Here are three ways you can try out custom die cutting in your next commercial project:

1. Make Your Brand Stand Out

commercial die cutting

This simple use of die cutting highlights the company's logo and leaves the recipient with a clear image of the brand.

image via companyfolders.com 

2. Use Your Product To Make An Impression


This clever use of a golf ball as the folder gives the recipient a taste of your product.

image via addchile.com

3. Get Artistic And Organized


This simple but sophisticated folder design allows for a ton of information while remaining beautifully designed.

image via mulchdesign.com 

How can your brand use commercial die cutting for your next project? 
  • Try highlighting your product
  • Work with a designer to create a quality folder to organize your written materials 
  • Make your brand pop!

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Bruce Boyarsky

Written by Bruce Boyarsky

President and Founder of Ocean State Bookbinding

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